The powerful difference

Advanced technologies, outstanding products and top quality made in Germany: these core values determine our activities on the way to new solutions, in every single aspect.

It is the combination of high-tech and craftsmanship that enables us to manufacture products that are leading in quality and technology. Our team of engineers, experienced specialists, tinkerers and testers never get tired of pushing the development forward and realising new ideas that will improve your working environment again and again.


Im Herzen Baden-Württembergs, dem Schwarzwald wird jede einzelne DUSS Maschine erdacht, konstruiert und produziert

FRIEDRICH DUSS Maschinenfabrik is a modern, independent family-owned firm with its roots in the Black Forest at the heart of the Baden-Württemberg region in southwest Germany. It is here that every single DUSS machine is conceived, designed and produced. The workshop founded by the creative inventor and idealist Friedrich Duss in 1920 in Neubulach to produce electric control panels and DC motors has evolved into an agile company whose name is synonymous with excellence the world over. Its reputation is founded on an extensive collection of patents, premium product quality and outstanding service in the field of rotary hammer, breaker and diamond core drilling technology.


For company founder Friedrich Duss, the unconditional and uncompromising realisation of his ideas was paramount. Only six years after the company’s formation, he presented the first electric rotary drill bearing the DUSS label at the Industrial Exhibition in Leipzig, Germany. Over the years, DUSS went on to develop a whole range of technological achievements which are taken for granted by users on building sites today.
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Production expertise

All DUSS machines embody two important properties, namely prolonged service life, thanks to uncompromising quality, and superior performance because of innovative technology. Our technological know-how is coupled with specialist skills. We use state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing methods. The meticulous attention we pay to every detail of every product means that every tool leaving our factory is an outstanding feat of quality engineering.


We have an extensive fund of in-house resources and sound technical expertise at our disposal. All the motors and gears used in our machines, for instance, are produced on site in Neubulach in the Black Forest.
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Whether rotary hammer, combi hammer, breaker or diamond core drill: True craftsmanship is evident in every detail. Our ongoing endeavour is to engineer even the most minor product detail to ensure simple, convenient, safe and durable operation for the user. To create products which are unique and unmistakable.


We invest our full concentration, sensitivity and precision engineering expertise into getting every detail exactly right.
Drilling and chiselling
Diamond core drilling

Focus on quality

There is not a single step in the process towards the creation of a machine “made by DUSS” which is not of the very highest standard. From the close-meshed work of the design and development department, through cooperative partnership with selected suppliers to the production process by highly qualified, experienced personnel using state-of-the-art facilities.
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Every individual involved in the production process is an expert, with responsibility for investing the meticulous attention it takes to create a genuine DUSS.


DUSS know-how is distinguished by its extreme vertical depth of production. We can respond flexibly with bespoke solutions to even the most unusual customer request. We invest the whole wealth of our experience into creating value, seeking ever new ways of harnessing our inventive spirit in the development of practical solutions.

Our engineers are on a mission to ensure that every new development deserves to bear the DUSS label. Developed through teamwork, passion and meticulous attention to detail, each product is the culmination of only the best ideas and designs. An efficient system of quality management supports the continuous improvement of quality in every one of our products. Long-term endurance testing under real conditions guarantees matured, reliable series products.