Premium choice for 100% flexibility

The construction industry demands greater flexibility and economy than practically any other sector. This applies to both civil and structural engineering, as well as to interior fittings and to electrical, heating and plumbing installations. Builders and craftsmen require machines which allow them to respond with the utmost flexibility and speed to different asks and technical circumstances occurring on site. Our diamond core drills provide construction industry professionals with a meticulously designed and engineered system. A range of different diamond core drills and an extensive, carefully considered spectrum of different accessories mean that every conceivable application need is catered for.

Inspiring technology

A quality product is more than the sum of its technical data. It has to enthuse and inspire with a range of outstanding features. No matter which DUSS machine – anyone familiar with the performance, quality and efficiency of a DUSS knows what it means to enjoy working with a power tool on a daily basis.

Convenient Handling

Thanks to the low weight, compact angular design and ergonomic handle arrangement, DUSS diamond core drills are ideally suited for manually guided drilling operations, also in confined spaces.

Core bits changed in seconds

With the quick release system, core bits can be changed and drill cores removed rapidly and easily.

Long service life

Our machines are renowned for their long service life, which is the result of their stable dust-proof encapsulated gear, perfect maintenance-free oil bath lubrication, durable drive motor and high torque.

High performance­motor

The powerful, reliable drive motors are designed for the even toughest continuous use. Their electronic for constant speed control ensures the optimum drilling speed no matter what the situation.

Anti-lockup system

A robust safety clutch, rotating in an oil bath with gentle starting torque, not only ensures complete safety for hand-held drilling but also protects the mechanical components of the drill.

Electronic overload protection

If the drill becomes overloaded, the motor switches off. After it has been switched on again, work can be resumed immediately.

Straightforward centring

The integrated soft start permits reliable hole starting, With the use of a DUSS quick centring bit, drilling can be started in seconds, no pilot hole is necessary.

Precision metering for wet drilling

A practical water metering valve allows a precise preselection and constant control of the needed water amount and controls the flow rate, independently of the stopcock, even while drilling is taking place.