Advanced engineering built to last

Specialists who spend many hours a day working with rotary hammers and breakers cannot afford to compromise on quality. They need machines which are powerful, proven and can be relied upon one hundred per cent. DUSS understands what it is that professionals need, and ensures that all these requirements flow into every product development. The outcome: high-performance, premium-quality and reliable tools which do an outstanding job day in day out under the toughest conditions.

Weight/performance ratio

Experienced specialists know that when drilling anchor holes, sinking sockets, drilling, chiselling, slotting and precise finish processing, particularly when working on scaffolding or ladders, high-powered performance coupled with low machine weight are key. Machines "made by DUSS" are characterized by an exceptionally favourable weight-to-performance ratio, balanced weight distribution and convenient handling.

Safety clutch

Our low-wear safety clutch, with gentle starting torque, protects the user from injury and the motor from being overloaded.

Compressor setting

For vertical jobs, an auxiliary handle can be simply screwed in, permitting drilling and chiselling downwards for an optimum ergonomic working position without straining your back. Ergonomy equals economy, as less strain allows you to go on working for longer.

Vibration Absorber

The RVA vibration damping reduces the vibration loads affecting the user to a minimum - ensuring comfortable continuous use at high operating comfort. An active oscillating mass directly counteracts the recoils and effectively absorbs the vibration occurring. The two-stage decoupled handle guarantees the highest possible vibration damping - also, when using the auxiliary handle.