Values for action

The success of a company is founded on many different elements. For us at DUSS, customer satisfaction is our focal concern. We see our role as that of a true partner to our customers. We are there for them, to address their needs and requirements by providing the very best quality, a broad fund of specialist expertise and outstanding reliability.

We are passionate about realizing our ideas and we seek ever new ways of harnessing our inventive spirit in the development of practical, down-to-earth solutions. Our aspirational thinking drives us on to break through ever new barriers and set new standards.

Our dedicated team is made up of highly qualified, experienced specialists. By ensuring continuous further training and encouraging the next generation of specialists, we are providing a firm basis for our continued success in the future.

As an independent family firm, sustainable success is important to us. Our business management is based on sound long-term strategies, we strive to ensure continuous improvement and we strive to ensure the responsible use of all kinds of resources.

We pursue a policy of open dialogue both within our company and with our business associates.

These values form a solid foundation on which to build.