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The company

DUSS – The powerful difference – Since 1920

In the south-west of Germany, in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest, every single DUSS machine is conceived, designed and produced. Over the years, DUSS went on to develop a whole range of technological achievements which are taken for granted by users on building sites today.

Rotary hammers and breakers

PK 600 demolition hammer

With impressive demolition power, the PK 600 demolition hammer sets new standards. Outstanding performance, tough and perfect handling: The PK 600 demolition hammer combines unique extreme demolition performance with low weight, comfortable operation and long-lasting reliability. Clever technology combined with the usual DUSS quality make the use of our demolition hammer a superior experience.
Removal rate 1.2 tons/hour

B 13 B drill driver

The B 13 B drill driver is a light, handy machine that was specially developed for screwing applications in timber construction. It enables the screwing of fully threaded screws up to max. dia. 11 x 400 mm into soft wood, i.e. the B 13 B drill driver can be used for almost all common screwing operations. Due to the stable, large dimensioned side handle, the drill driver can be easily controlled at any time, even at high torque.

LC hole saw | Superior drilling - fast and precise

  • Installation holes and continuous drilling of the highest precision
  • PVC, PE, PP, GFRP, acrylic glass, polycarbonate
  • Massive wood, OSB, particle boards, veneered chipboards, plywood, wire mesh plywood, laminate, MDF, HDF
  • Artificial resin, e.g. Pertinax, Trespa, Resopal

D 38 RLE 4-speed rotary drill

Screw in large threaded rods (dia. 20 mm) to reinforce laminated timber. The machine can be used hand-held in combination with the VSKU attachment clutch.

D 38 RLE - 4-speed rotary drill: 4 speeds and 2000 Watt for drilling in steel, wood and plastic or as drive motor!

Diamond core drills

DIA 303 W · Premium choice for 100% flexibility

The world's first 3-speed diamond core drill in compact angular design - universal and flexible: without time-consuming change-over, can be used both hand-held and with drill stand, for wet or dry drilling, enormous drilling range from dia. 32 - 300 mm. Low weight and compact design: comfortable, ergonomic handling, ideal for hand-held core drilling - even in confined spaces.

Compact, lightweight diamond core drill with superior handling for sanitary, heating, air conditioning, building construction, civil engineering, gardening, landscaping, renovation of buildings.

DIA 200 / DIA 303 W · Drilling with a system.

DUSS Diamond core drilling offers numerous possibilities: highly efficient diamond core drilling, hand-held or with drill stand, fast and safe, even in confined spaces, compact design, quick change of drill bits of different diameters (quick release system), quick centring without pre-drilling (quick centring bits), effective dust extraction, convenient handling, perfect for all challenges. You see: Core drilling for a chimney connection - simple, fast and safe.

Compact, lightweight diamond core drill with superior handling for sanitary, heating, air conditioning, building construction, civil engineering, gardening, landscaping, renovation of buildings.

DIA 300 W / DIA 303 W · Hand-held up to dia. 300 mm

DUSS diamond core drills - handy, powerful and safe. Perfect for all challenges.

  • hand-held drilling of a plastic sewer pipe
  • stand guided connection drilling in a plastic sewer pipe with BST drill stand
  • hand-held drilling of a reinforced concrete sewer pipe
  • stand guided connection drilling in a reinforced concrete sewer pipe with BST drill stand

DIA 400 W · Powerful core drilling

The sophisticated and robust technology of the DIA 400 W diamond core drill ensures outstanding drilling performance - even when core drilling in heavily reinforced concrete and hardest of stone.

Applications: Structural and civil engineering, breakthrough drilling in reinforced concrete, drilling for house connections, penetrations for pipes and cables, manholes, drilling rows of holes.

DIA 303 W · Uncompromising functionality. Outstanding performance.

Constructed for professionals: Superior performance is what matters in practice. With top quality and functions that have been thought out down to the last detail, DUSS diamond drills are convincing in a wide range of applications and under the toughest conditions.

DIA 52 W · Drilling anchor holes and through-holes up to dia. 42 mm

With DUSS DIA 52 W diamond core drill, precise drilling is clean, fast and trouble-free: accurate to the point, vibration-free and noise-reduced.

Rated power 2000 W - Drilling range hand-held or with drill stand wet dia. 8 - 42 mm - Rated speed 3000 - 4000 rpm - Machine weight 6.1 kg - Quick release system

LB wood core cutter with DIA 303

DUSS drills everything. Even wood. Products used: DUSS LB 182 wood core cutter (drilling dia. 182 mm), DUSS DIA 303 diamond core drill, DUSS SZ quick centring bit, ISPS industrial vacuum cleaner

Civil engineering | Sewer construction

BKFE drill core catcher

When drilling for connections in already installed sewer pipes, the drill core often falls into it. The drill core must be removed from the pipe, which is not easy to do depending on the diameter of the sewer pipe, the weight of the drill core and general environmental conditions. The drill core catcher BKFE prevents the core from falling into the pipe.

RBV pipe drilling attachment

The specially developed BS 160-RBV pipe drilling attachment converts a normal drill stand into a sewer pipe drill stand at the flick of a wrist. This means it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive special drill stands, which are often difficult to install. This type of fastening is particularly advantageous when fixing with anchors is not permitted. Suitable for DUSS BS 160 and BS 320 B drill stands, for pipes from dia. 250 to dia. 800

SBV manhole drilling attachment

The BS 160-SBV manhole drilling attachment ensures that the DUSS BS 160 drill stand and the machine are securely fixed to manholes, manhole collars and pipes from dia. 800 upwards, where fixing anchors must not be used. Drilling is possible up to a diameter of 202 mm.

Dust extraction systems

ASG suction cups · For dust-free hammer drilling and clean diamond core drilling

More comfortable working - Better protection - Higher efficiency
Applications: dust-free hammer drilling, clean diamond core drilling, especially advantageous when working in closed rooms, suitable for all rotary hammers and diamond core drills, also other manufacturers' machines.

MASP dust extraction · Dust free chiselling

The dust extraction systems from DUSS reduce dust to a minimum in a wide range of applications on the construction site: work more comfortably, protect your health, increase the service life of the machine and tools, avoid time-consuming cleaning work.

MASH dust extraction · Clean work

DUSS extraction systems: Dust is under control. Remove fine dusts directly at the source. Fast and easy to install, the MASH dust extraction system makes it possible to work with low dust levels.

ASF suction hood · Dust-free drilling in tiles

Dust-free, dry diamond drilling in tiles, stoneware, ceramics, marble, granite. For dust-free, precise working on tiles before installing, eveno on large tiles. Suitable for all angle grinders and rotary drills.