Award at the world's largest innovation award

The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. In 2016, it is in its 13th year and honours manufacturers for their quality advantage. An international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries awarded the DUSS PK 600 demolition hammer in the categories innovation, high quality, functionality and ergonomics.

The DUSS PK 600 demolition hammer convinced the jury with smart technology paired with traditional DUSS quality. The extremely high demolition performance and the superior, user-friendly handling of the demolition hammer offers the user more comfort and productivity in daily use. Furthermore, with a demolition performance of approx. 1220 kg/h, the PK 600 replaces a pneumatic breaker in many cases and thereby defines a new performance class. The four-time distinction of the PK 600 in the important categories' innovation, high quality, functionality and ergonomics appreciate the holistic operational concept, which always focuses the operator.

PK 600 - Demolition hammer

With impressive demolition power, the PK 600 demolition hammer sets new standards. Outstanding performance, tough and perfect handling: The PK 600 demolition hammer combines unique extreme demolition performance with low weight, comfortable operation and long-lasting reliability. Clever technology combined with the usual DUSS quality make the use of our demolition hammer a superior experience.