PK 45 breaker

Applications & features


  • Removing plaster and tiles
  • Chasing grooves and slots
  • Chiselling work
  • Cleaning up surfaces
  • Producing breaches and openings
  • Precision repair work


  • Pneumatic impact mechanism designed for optimum efficiency
  • Trigger lock, ensuring non-fatiguing work
  • Electronic for constant impact rate control
  • Impact rate and impact force infinitely adjustable with pushbutton switch/adjusting dial
  • Robust, 16 mm hexagon chuck for prolonged service life
  • Vibration damping elements
  • Maintenance-free (with lifetime lubrication)


Versatile in use. Economical and reliable.

Chiselling with MASH dust extraction
Chasing grooves and slots
Precise repair work

Technical data

PK 45 breaker
Rated power 710 W
Machine weight 4.5 kg
Chuck 16 mm hexagon
Single impact energy 0 - 6.4 J
Impact rate, adjustable 0 - 3000 impacts/min
Chiselling performance in hard C45/55 concrete with pointed chisel ca. 100 kg/h
Vibration damping elements
Trigger lock for continuous operation


PK 45 operating instructions 0.8 MB
PK 45 spare part list 0.2 MB
PK 45 catalogue 0.1 MB

Tools · Accessories

16 mm hexagon chisels

Pointed chisel, flat chisel, wide flat chisel, spade chisel, tile chisel, hollow chisel, gouge, bushing tool, driver, mortar chisel, scraper chisel

MASH 1 dust extractor

for P 30, PK 35, PK 45, PK 45 A, PK 75, PK 75 A

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