DIA 200 diamond core drill

Applications & Features


  • Installing plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems
  • Building chimneys, fireplaces and furnaces
  • Installing fitted kitchens and bathrooms


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Hand-held, dust-free drilling
  • Compact and particularly light
  • Rapid centring
  • Quick release system for rapid core bit change and drill core removal
  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Speed infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial
  • Convenient drilling supported by suction effect
  • Electronic overload protection and soft start
  • Safety clutch with anti-lockup system


For sanitary, heating and air-conditioning installation, chimney, fireplace and furnaces, kitchen and bathroom installation

Holes for installation pipes and cables
Dust-free, dry diamond core dill
Drill hole for additional chimney connection

Technical data

DIA 200 diamond core drill
Rated power 1700 W
Machine weight 5.0 kg
Chuck G 1/2"
Rated speed 380 - 490 rpm
Drilling range with diamond core bit, hand-held, dry dia. 82 - 250 mm
Rated speed 380 - 490 rpm
Applications Plumbing, heating and air conditioning
Surfaces Masonry, brick, ceramic, lime sandstone
Pilot drilling Quick centring bit
LED display for performance monitoring and service planning -


DUSS diamond core drills enable a wide range of applications: highly efficient diamond core drilling, hand-held or in a drill stand, fast and safe, even in confined spaces, compact design, quick change of drill bits


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