DIA 82 S diamond core drill

Applications & features


  • Sinking sockets in concrete, reinforced concrete,
    highly compacted sand-lime brick und masonry
  • Installing electrical systems even in water sensitives areas,
    like server rooms, electrical installations, archives, production sites or in inhabited rooms


  • Switchable soft impact (XIP) for accelerated drilling progress, on the user-friendly change lever
  • Ultra-efficient dry drilling with dust extraction
  • High drilling speed thanks to powerful and reliable drive motor with constant electronical speed control for optimum cutting speed in any situation
  • Lower set-up and time costs than with wet drilling in concrete or reinforced concrete
  • Clean working environment where time-consuming cleaning is no longer necessary
  • Safety clutch with anti-lockup system
  • Screw-in auxiliary handle for optimised ergonomics
  • LED display for performance monitoring and service planning
  • Trigger lock for continuous operation also easy to operate with working working gloves
  • Automatic centring system permits tool changes in seconds
  • Exhaust air ducting away from the user
  • Efficient removal of the drill dust enables a reliable drilling
  • Electronic overload protection and soft start
  • Speed infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial

Soft impact

  • Dry drilling in concrete

    he switchable DUSS XIP soft impact (X-tra Impact Power) allows the avoidance of water when core drilling into hard materials such as concrete.

  • Impact impulses

    The DUSS XIP soft impact provides the „X-tra Impact Power“ when it matters most. Thanks to their special geometry and design, the impact plates generate high-frequency impact impulses for an effective soft impact and are extremely durable.

  • Cost reduction

    With short set up times, dry drilling with soft impact offers a real option to the otherwise more complex wet drilling, especially in inhabited or sensitive areas.


Hard with concrete. Gentle on you.

Quick release system
Socket sinking in concrete
Socket sinking in masonry

Technical Data

DIA 82 S diamond core drill
Rated power 2000 Watt
Machine weight 6,5 kg
Chuck Quick release system
Rated speed 1st/2nd/3rd gear 1290 - 1610 rpm
Drilling range with diamond core bit, hand-held, dry dia. 68, 82 mm
Drilling range with diamond core bit, with BS drill stand, dry -
Drilling range with diamond core bit, hand-held, dry, with soft impact dia. 68, 82 mm
Drilling range with diamond core bit, with BS drill stand, dry, with soft impact -
Rated speed 1290 - 1610 rpm
Applications Installing electrical systems
Surfaces Concrete, reinforced concrete, sand-lime brick, masonry
Pilot drilling Integrated automatic centring system
LED display for performance monitoring and service planning


DUSS DIA 82 S diamond core drill developed for professional electrical installation: Positioning, centering and drilling - without interruption. Integrated automatic centering system, precise socket sinking in concrete and masonry.

Diamond socket cutter

DS diamond socket cutter

for highly compacted sand-lime brick, masonry, perforated brick and lightweight building materials . With or without soft impact.

Diamant­dosensenker DSS

für Beton, armierten Beton und hochverdichteten Kalksandstein. Mit Softschlag.

DSSX diamond socket cutter

for hard concrete and hard, reinforced concrete. With soft impact.

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