DIA 400 W diamond core drill

Applications & Features


  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Making breaches in reinforced concrete
  • Penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables
  • Drilling rows of holes


  • Air cooled, 3200 W drive motor with 3-speed-gearbox
  • Oil pump provides reliable lubrication in all positions, including continuous downward drilling
  • Reliable, long life overload clutch
  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Electronic overload protection, permits immediate resumption of work
  • Soft start
  • Robust, long-life design with high power reserves
  • Convenient core bit change with quick release ring


Outstanding drilling performance even when core drilling in reinforced concrete and hardest stone.

Drilling with drill stand up to dia. 400 mm
Clean drilling with water collecting ring WS 3C
Horizontal drilling in confined spaces

Technical data

DIA 400 W diamond core drill
Rated power 3200 W
Machine weight 12.0 kg
Chuck 1 1/4" UNC external
Rated speed 1st/2nd/3rd gear 230/480/720 rpm
Bohrbereich 1. Gang: 230 U/min dia. 172 - 400 mm
Bohrbereich 2. Gang: 480 U/min dia. 92 - 182 mm
Bohrbereich 3. Gang: 720 U/min dia. 67 - 112 mm
Rated speed 230/480/720 rpm
Applications Structural and civil engineering, breakthrough drillings, drillings for domestic connections, serial drillings
Surfaces Reinforced concrete, masonry
Speed infinitely adjustable -
Pilot drilling -
Water-saving precision metering -
Drilling range with diamond core bit, stand mounted, wet dia. 67 - 400 mm
LED display for performance monitoring and service planning -


The sophisticated and robust technology of the DIA 400 W diamond core drill ensures outstanding drilling performance - even when core drilling in heavily reinforced concrete and hardest stone.


DIA 400 W operating instructions 1 MB
DIA 400 W spare part list 0.4 MB
DIA 400 W catalogue 0 MB

Tools · Accessories

1 1/4" CWL diamond core bits

for wet drilling

BS 400 drill stand

suitable for DIA 400 W

WDB 10 water supply unit

for use where no water supply is available

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