P 90 combi hammer

Applications & Features


  • Drilling large, deep holes
  • Drilling rows of large holes
  • Heavy-category chiselling work
  • Producing breaches and openings
  • Making recesses


  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Speed and impact force infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial
  • Rapid changeover from hammer drilling to chiselling and vice versa


  • Chisel can be positioned in twenty ways
  • Vibration damping elements
  • Maintenance-free (with lifetime lubrication)
  • Low-wear safety clutch


For all drilling and chiselling applications requiring high performance, speed and economic efficiency.

Large, deep drilling
Heavy-category chiselling work
Robust chuck

Technical data

P 90 combi hammer
Rated power 1100 W
Machine weight 8.0 kg
Chuck 19 mm hexagon
Drilling range with drill bit dia. 8 - 80 mm
Drilling range with core bit dia. 55 - 125 mm
Drilling performance in hard C45/55 concrete (dia. 35 mm) 120 mm/min
Single impact energy 4.3 - 10.5 J
Rated speed 110 - 200 rpm
Impact rate, adjustable 1650 - 2780 impacts/min
Chiselling performance in hard C45/55 concrete with pointed chisel approx. 160 kg/h
Vibration damping elements
Trigger lock for continuous operation
LED display for optimum service planing -


P 90 operating instructions 1 MB
P 90 spare part list 0.2 MB
P 90 catalogue 0 MB

Tools · Accessories

19 mm hexagon hammer drill bits

Carbide-tipped double spiral drill bits with 19 mm hexagon chuck, with dust sleeve and guard

19 mm hexagon core bits

with ZX 13 pilot drill bit, with dust sleeve and guard

ASG 68 suction cup

for dust-free drilling and clean diamond core drilling

19 mm hexagon chisels

Pointed chisel, flat chisel, wide flat chisel, spade chisel, hollow chisel

MASH 2 dust extractor

for P 60 A, P 90, PX 48 A, PX 76, PX 78, PX 96

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