BKFE drill core catcher

Applications & Features


  • For holding the drill core when drilling in already laid sewer pipes, regardless of the diameter of the sewer pipe, weight of the drill core or general environmental conditions
  • Drill core cannot fall into the pipe
  • Required pilot hole dia. 20 mm
  • Max. pipe wall thickness 150 mm
  • Minimum core bit working length 300 mm
  • From drilling dia. 90 mm


  • Drill core remains reliably in the drill core catcher
  • No time-consuming removal of the drill core from the sewer pipe
  • Simple application and assembly, short set-up times
  • Suitable for all commercially available pipe walls
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Suitable for all diamond core drills and diamond core bits
    from drilling dia. 90 mm and minimum working length 300 mm

Order Data

Pipe dia.
DN 300
BKFE 300
DN 400
BKFE 400
DN 500
BKFE 500

Order Data

BKFE 300
Pipe dia. DN 300
BKFE 400
Pipe dia. DN 400
BKFE 500
Pipe dia. DN 500


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