BST 4 drill stand

Applications & Features


  • Right-angled drilling on level surfaces, e.g. for railings,
    heavy-duty anchors, supports
  • Right-angled drilling in wood or plastic sheets


  • Convenient, adaptable drilling in confined areas
  • No additional mounting required, short set-up times
  • No pilot drill bit or centring rod required

  • No tilting

  • Forces and torques largely compensated for by the stand
  • Vertically adjustable drill holder for core bits of different length

  • Optimum support of the drill stand on the sewer time
  • Drilling can be carried out even on a level surface

  • Precision drilling through the centre axis of the pipe ensures that connecting pipes are completely leakproof
  • Very small installation area


Right-angled and centric drilling
Drillings in smooth and corrugated sewer pipes
Drillings in wood

Technical data

BST 4 drill stand
Max. drilling dia. 182
Stroke 170 mm
Weight 7.0 kg
Recommended drills DIA 200, DIA 300, DIA 303, DIA 52 W, DIA 100 W, DIA 150 W, DIA 300 W, DIA 203 W, DIA 303 W
Clamping dia. 43 mm
Min. outer dia. of sewer pipe -
Max. core bit length 350 mm

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